Monday, February 15, 2010


Joseph is Sam and Josephine Sesay's youngest son. He is in his second year of pre-med studies at the medical school in Freetown. He dreams of one day becoming a medical doctor and joining his father in the Susu Gospel Ministry as the director of the medical clinic in Lungi. In addition he also has a vision for taking a mobile medical clinic to Sierra Leonean villages that lack medical facilities. Like father, like son. He has caught Sam's burden for reaching the Susu people with the love of Jesus Christ.

Academically Joseph is making a name for himself at the medical school. Intellectually he is extremely bright and gifted. Professors have cited his work to his classmates as an example of how assignments are to be done. But he is frustrated and discouraged by the social, political, and financial challenges he faces from his fellow students and professors - he is not from one of the leading tribes in Sierra Leone, Sam is not a medical doctor or a government minister, and his vision is not to become wealthy but to help the poor and needy in the name of Christ. Daily he faces prejudice and discrimenation at school. As students advance in their medical studies professors lean upon them for large bribes in order to stay in the program. Joseph knows of students who have been forced out because they either could not or would not pay their professor a bribe. In light of this, Joseph is ready to quit medical school and pursue an engineering degree if he cannot find a way to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor.

As I spoke with Joseph his eyes lit up as he told me about his new dream. The nearby West African nation of Ghana has the best medical school in the region. Ghana is more developed than Sierra Leone, the medical school is older, stronger, and more advanced, and Joseph could easily be accepted into the program given his academic credentials. He could enter their seven year program this fall and not miss a beat in the pursuit of his dream and calling.

Here is a young man with a heart for serving God among the Susu people of Sierra Leone. He is gifted by God intellectually and academically. He not only has a vision for medicine; he has a vision for using medicine to share Christ's love with the Susu people in uniting the treatment of both body and soul.

Pray for Joseph. Pray for God's clear direction. Pray for God's abundant provision. And pray for our CAC leadership as we consider his needs before our God.

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